Goldsborough After Verandah Sanding

Maintaining your Wooden Deck

While many new wooden decks in Far North Queensland start out looking like a shiny diamond after initial construction and a fresh deck coating, it’s not long before some end up looking grey and weathered. With the intense UV rays, high humidity, high moisture and salt air in Cairns all playing parts […]

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Deck Sanding: the last resort for a perfect deck

Tired of your shabby looking outdoor deck space and but not sure whether you need a simple power wash, re-coat of stain or a full back to bare wood deck sanding? In some cases, you may only need a good clean and a re-coat of stain or decking oil but […]

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Deck Restoration — Rebuild or Restore?

Just like home renovation, deck restoration can mean many things to many people. To most, deck restoration conjures up images of having to hire a crew to tear up your old decking boards, rebuild the support posts and or deck joists underneath, spend countless hours sanding and staining all your […]

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After Restoration

Protecting Wooden Decks in North Queensland

Like many things in life in Far North Queensland, the weather and the environment around us play a key role in our daily lives. Sun, rain, wind and humidity all reek havoc not only on our human existence but also our households as well and the wooden decks around our […]

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