Due to a personal family matter Cairns Deck Restore will be Closed until July 1st 2024.
I will not be responding to phone calls or voice messages during this time.
Existing clients can email me if deck maintenance consultations are required. adam@cairnsdeckrestore.com.au 
All previously confirmed projects/clients will be honoured or completed after July 1st 2024.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


After a deck restoration from Cairns Deck Restore your deck will need some maintenance to stay in good condition. If your deck is fully exposed to the elements then you should plan to re-oil your deck every 12 months or so (Oct. or Nov. is usually best, before the wet season hits).

If your deck is fully covered from the elements then you should not need to re-oil it for years to come.

While there are many deck coating products on the market, Cairns Deck Restore only uses CUTEK "Wood Preservative" Oil on our restoration projects.

CUTEK Wood Preservative is an oil based wood stabiliser used for the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic situations.

CUTEK Wood Preservative coated wood resists damage caused by fungal decay, mould, termites and moisture, improving dimensional stability and minimising warping, cupping and splitting.

Ongoing maintenance with CUTEK is simple and easy, just apply oil only to those areas that need it and let it soak in.

CUTEK "Wood Preservative" is a penetrating oil that permeates the surface layer of your hardwood decking. As all wood is porous the CUTEK soaks in and drys quickly.

If wood grain is tight you will have some excess oil that will float on top, but once fully wiped down it will dry quickly. Most CUTEK projects will be fully dry within 2 to 3 days.

After your deck restoration Cairns Deck Restore will show you how to maintain your deck and give you all the instructions required should you choose to re-coat your deck yourself when it's needed. Re-coating with CUTEK "Wood Preservative" is fast and simple and you only need to re-coat the deck areas that need it.

All decks like to be clean and dry but in FNQ that is easier said than done. That being said the less standing water, dirt and leaves you have living on your deck the longer it will last.

We recommend using a leaf blower or a squeegee to keep your decks clean and dry when time allows. All plants should be elevated for drainage and all furniture feet padded as not to scratch your deck.

Never leave unpainted steel on your deck as it will leave permanent black marks if it gets wet. Use soap and water to clean spills and never use detergent or bleach to clean your deck.

CUTEK "Wood Preservative" has 16 colour tints in their colour palette. While four colour tints are very distinct and rarely used, the others are all very similar looking once applied to Merbau or Spotted Gum Decking. In testing, the other twelve tints were not varied enough to notice a discernible colour change. Cairns Deck Restore recommends a tint that we use on all our projects but the client is free to pick another tint should they choose.

Cairns Deck Restore operates between Gordonvale and Port Douglas (Cairns Region) in FNQ and also services the Atherton Tablelands (Conditions Apply).

Many new decks are built with decretive dome headed nails that protrude above the decking. These decks are impossible to sand with drum or belt sanders as are decks with proud decking screws. Cairns Deck Restore uses the latest technology Brush Sanders which easily sand over dome nails, raised screws or timber bolts. We inspect all screws and nails before restoration and remedy anything required prior to starting work.

Customer Satisfaction


Paul Sandery

It seems almost unnecessary to provide a five-star rating for Adams work given the accolades offered by other reviewers however this man absolutely deserves it. He recently restored a heavily exposed and atrociously neglected deck adjacent to my swimming pool to excellent condition. He was utterly reliable, technically excellent and offered great advice and just like some others have said, he went that extra yard to ensure he had a happy customer. He understands the products he uses well and the outcome has been exactly as he predicted. I am more than happy with his work. It was not a cheap job for the size of the deck but that was entirely my fault through failure to provide any decent maintenance for several years and my story should serve as a warning to the rest of you deck owners to put a little effort in to maintenance so that excellent tradesmen like Adam can keep your deck in showcase condition. Well done Adam. Cairns Deck Restore is to be recommended to anybody who needs work on their deck.