Due to a personal family matter Cairns Deck Restore will be Closed until July 1st 2024.
I will not be responding to phone calls or voice messages during this time.
Existing clients can email me if deck maintenance consultations are required. adam@cairnsdeckrestore.com.au 
All previously confirmed projects/clients will be honoured or completed after July 1st 2024.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


While many new wooden decks in Far North Queensland start out looking shiny after initial construction and a fresh deck coating, it’s not long before they often end up looking worn and tired.

With the intense UV rays, high humidity, high moisture and salt air all playing parts in the natural deterioration of wood and the products that coat it, it’s not surprising that sundecks in Far North Queensland literally take a beating.


Weathered Deck

When decks are not maintained and regularly coated they will fade from FNQ's strong UV rays.


Maintained Deck

Regularly maintaining your deck will ensure your deck is always looking fresh and new.

Many of the deck coating products on the market are simply that — just coatings, they coat the wood used on decks, stairs and posts and have very little actual penetration into the many types of hardwoods used in FNQ.

While they look great on initial application, they’re quick to crack, peel, blister and deteriorate in the harsh conditions. Many deck coating finishes don't allow users to simply fix small trouble spots, so you cannot simply sand out worn or cracked areas and re-coat them. In most cases the only remediation to a peeling or blistering deck is to bring the whole deck back to bare wood and refinish it.

Cairns Deck Restore uses the newest technology in oil based wood preservatives that are designed to not only penetrate and preserve your wooden deck but also resist mould, fungi and termites. The wood preservative is not only extremely durable in the harsh Far North Queensland environment but also easy for homeowners to maintain and touch up as necessary.

Re-coat times will depend on your deck usage and the deck's direct exposure to the elements. Cairns Deck Restore will show you how to maintain your newly refinished deck or we’ll be happy to come and give it a fresh coat for you when needed.

Life in FNQ is all about spending time outdoors on the deck or beside the pool with friends and family, but no one wants to spend time on an old grey, weather beaten and peeling deck.

Tanya Smart

I received professional quality service from Adam, high standards, quality work and attention to detail from start to finish. Happy to write this review and let Cairns know that Adam is a hidden gem and the good work he produces. 10 out of 5 stars!