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Protecting Wooden Decks in North Queensland

Like many things in life in Far North Queensland, the weather and the environment around us play a key role in our daily lives. Sun, rain, wind and humidity all reek havoc not only on our human existence but also our households as well and the wooden decks around our houses take the brunt of it.

Wood, like most other naturally occurring materials is greatly effected, by the environmental conditions it’s exposed to. Much like your skin while at the beach, wooden decks need to be prepared, covered and protected from the harsh elements of the tropics and if not done properly they will prematurely grey, age, blister and peel just like a bad sunburn due to the lack of sunscreen.

Much of the problem with wooden decks deteriorating so quickly in Cairns is actually a three-fold dilemma, with the first issue being the material that’s applied to begin with, secondly the lack of coating material that’s applied and last but not least, how the deck coating material was applied to the new wood from the get-go.

While many coating companies tote that their newest wood protection products have the latest and greatest adhesion and absorption to any wooden decks, in any environments, the actual facts of the matter are, that even some of the newest scientifically formulated products on the market will simply not work properly in the harsh tropical Cairns climate. And while they may look fantastic for the first year or so, they quickly bubble, peel, crack and fade.

Although some level of weathering is simply unavoidable due to tropical North Queensland’s extreme weather and environmental conditions, it doesn’t mean that even the most weathered and aged decks cannot be brought back to a refreshed or even new looking finish. They simply need to be prepared properly prior to coating and have the proper coating applied in the right conditions and the correct coverage. After much research Cairns Deck Restore has found a product which works properly in our harsh tropical Cairns climate and that’s why we exclusively use one product for all our customer’s decks.

Wooden Decks : Maintenance

Another factor in deck deterioration is lack of maintenance. Many homeowners think that once their newly built wooden deck is stained then that’s all that needs to be done. Thinking “we now have a lovely wood deck we can enjoy for years and years.” While having a lovely new deck may be very true, enjoying it for years and years is totally up to the homeowner and how much work they want to put in or have someone else put in.

Any wood that’s used for outdoor construction in Cairns (treated or not) requires some form of maintenance whether it’s just keeping it clean or even a light sanding and recoating once every 18 months or so. If not maintained it’ll eventually weather and age and even rot to the point of no return, at which stage deck restoration becomes deck reconstruction — a very costly undertaking.

Not sure what to do with your weathered and tired looking deck?

Contact Cairns Deck Restore: we’ be happy to pay your deck a visit and give you a “no obligation inspection” to see how we can make your aged and peeling deck, appealing again.

Adam Earle

Cairns Deck Restore is a local business run by Adam Earle, a transplanted Canadian/Australian now living in the Northern Beaches area of Cairns. Adam brings over 30 yrs of wood refinishing expertise to the Cairns region.

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