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Deck Sanding: the last resort for a perfect deck

Tired of your shabby looking outdoor deck space and but not sure whether you need a simple power wash, re-coat of stain or a full back to bare wood deck sanding?

In some cases, you may only need a good clean and a re-coat of stain or decking oil but if your deck coating is blistered and peeling, taking all the old coating off and getting your deck or patio area back to bare wood may be the best approach.

Let’s assess all the options to see what’s going to be best for your tired looking deck.


Many deck restoration jobs start due to the deck, patio or verandah not being prepared properly in the first place, or more simply that the wrong coating or incorrect amount of coating was applied. With extremely harsh weather conditions facing all outdoor wooden decks in Tropical North Queensland proper deck preparation and proper application of the right coating for the job is crucial to a maintain long deck life.


With some basic deck maintenance, you can keep your outdoor deck or entertainment area looking great. Once you have a new coating on your deck, all you really need to do is keep it clean. Besides the sun and humidity of FNQ, moisture, leaves, dirt, animal, bird or bat droppings are also enemies of deck coatings.

Keeping you deck clean can be done by regularly scrubbing your deck with soap and water or giving it a good power wash if you see grime, dirt or mould building up. While this does take some time and effort, a little TLC goes a long way and in the end could save you thousands of dollars in deck repairs or even deck replacement.


Whether it’s simply age, an old failed coating or outright neglect, once your deck coating starts to fail, you will most likely require a full deck sanding to rid your decking of the old peeling and blistered coating before you can properly apply a new coating to bring your deck back to new condition.

Unfortunately, even the best selling deck coatings do not allow you to simply feather back your greying, worn or blistered spots and build them back up to match the rest of the deck. Once your deck starts peeling, doing a patch work job is not the answer.
Once most coatings fail and the wood or under layers of coating are exposed to moisture or UV, then full failure has started.
If left unchecked, coating failure will eventually lead to wood failure, wood rot and a costly new deck. As a full deck sanding and recoating is a fraction of the cost of building a new deck, it’s best to make sure your deck is inspected annually to avoid this huge expense.

With today’s sanding equipment it’s possible to turn even the most worn and ugly decks into fresh looking outdoor spaces, saving you thousands of dollars in costly repairs or rebuilds.

The coating on your deck, how it was applied and more importantly how and when it’s maintained are all crucial factors in keeping your wooden deck looking fresh and new.

If left too long without cleaning or recoating, all coatings will eventually start to blister and peel and once this starts the usual remedy is once again a full deck sanding and recoating.

While many coatings state that they last longer and wear better than the others, the facts are simple. Without proper application and a little annual TLC, all deck coatings will eventually fail.

All wooden decks and the coatings on them are susceptible to UV, moisture, humidity and in Tropical North Queensland, even more so. Most wooden decks in TNQ require a new top coat at least every 18 to 24 months to combat coating failure and remain looking new.

Whether your pool deck, patio or verandah needs a simple clean, an annual inspection and recoat or a full blown deck sanding and recoating job, Cairns Deck Restore can make your deck shine again. We’ll make your peeling deck appealing, so you can be outside on your new deck where you belong.

Adam Earle

Cairns Deck Restore is a local business run by Adam Earle, a transplanted Canadian/Australian now living in the Northern Beaches area of Cairns. Adam brings over 30 yrs of wood refinishing expertise to the Cairns region.