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Deck Restoration — Rebuild or Restore?

Just like home renovation, deck restoration can mean many things to many people. To most, deck restoration conjures up images of having to hire a crew to tear up your old decking boards, rebuild the support posts and or deck joists underneath, spend countless hours sanding and staining all your old decking boards before re-building it all to a shiny and new state or worst case scenario replacing the decking and deck structure altogether. While in some cases the later might be necessary  due to serious structural issues, often all that’s needed to restore a deck is to sand the decking back to bare wood and re-coat it with a new stain or sealant.

If your deck is used to simply store muddy work boots, old bicycles and broken BBQ’s outside the back of your house, then your thoughts of deck restoration will be vastly different than someone that enjoys afternoon cocktails with friends beside their amazing infinity pool. One might throw a coat of old paint over the deck every few years and call it restored, while the other might want a fresh coat of stain professionally applied every 12 months to keep their beachside sundeck looking new.

Nine times out of 10, the amount of deck restoration needed on most sundecks is in direct correlation to what coating was initially applied and how it was applied. Also it will depend on the amount of care a homeowner has taken with their deck.

Unfortunately, in most cases, once the peeling and blistering starts on your deck, simple touch ups and a quick re-coat on one section of deck is usually out of the question. Most coatings on the market today, while durable and easy to apply, do not allow for small amounts of re-application once actual coating failure has begun. This leaves many deck owners frustrated and unhappy. All one needs to do is search the internet for Deck Coating Failure and a plethora of posts and chat rooms on the subject pops up.

The words deck, coating and failure do not have to be spoken in the same sentence!

If your deck is brand new, take care of it and it will last for years with only simple touch ups and re-coats. If your deck is older and maybe a little neglected and is now peeling and blistering, it will need to be sanded back to fresh bare wood and re-coated. And, if your deck is falling down due to the weight of the old bikes, broken BBQ’s and 27 coats of paint you’ve put on it, you better call a builder because your simple deck restoration, just became a full deck rebuild.

If you’re not sure what level of deck restoration you need for your sundeck contact Cairns Deck Restore today for a free, no obligation inspection.

Adam Earle

Cairns Deck Restore is a local business run by Adam Earle, a transplanted Canadian/Australian now living in the Northern Beaches area of Cairns. Adam brings over 30 yrs of wood refinishing expertise to the Cairns region.

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